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Last Chance… And Reduced by $10…WOW
May 31, 2007

I was so excited to be the “Mom Squad” member to get to review the first jewelery product on “Crazy Mom Deals”.  What a beautiful necklace and earrings set it is.  I really like the white stones that surround the pink stone in the middle of the pendents.  The matching earings make this a great ”Crazy Mom Deal”.  I have seen this same set on cable shopping shows for double this price.  Be sure not to miss this “Crazy Mom Deal”.   

Mom Squad Member   


Jelly Belly Tin Stirs Up Conversations!
May 30, 2007

Jelly Belly anyone?  I just made a fun mixture that tasted like a root beer float!  Mix cherry and vanilla with cola… it makes cherry-vanilla cola!  Wow!  I sure had fun with this one!  This tin comes with lots of assorted flavors; I put it on my desk!  It makes a great conversation piece.  This makes a great office gift or a gift for a friend who needs a “pick me up”!

Mom Squad Member

Yummmmm… Chocolate………
May 29, 2007

I had the pleasure of testing out chocolate topping. It was a real chore!!We had a big 4 family garage sale last weekend, so I took along my jar of Fudge Sauce and did share. We tried it on bananas, strawberries, dried apricots, and graham crackers.(And of course, right from the jar…………just like a piece of homemade fudge).So far I haven’t had a hot fudge sundae or a banana split, two of my favorites, but I know it will be good. But, it is pretty rich. So, it goes a long way if you are planning on sharing it. Enjoy!

Teresa – Kansas
Mom Squad Member 

Pink Ribbons Forever!
May 28, 2007

Being able to buy something that supports breast cancer research is something personal for me.  Friends of mine are breast cancer survivors.  These Pink Ribbon Earrings are so cute and are perfect for that summer outfit!  Every time I see the pink ribbon being worn it gives me a reminder that there are many brave and strong people out there that need our help! 

Mom Squad Member

Get Your Special Perfume Ready!
May 27, 2007

Most fine perfumes come in small bottles; this is a beautiful crystal bottle that holds just that!  The bottle is pretty enough to leave out on your dresser or bath counter.  This makes a wonderful gift or stocking stuffer!  Yes, I am already thinking about Christmas!

Mom Squad Member

Gems For The Phone?
May 26, 2007

Boy was this fun!  I love the way these gems make my phone sparkle.  Many times items get “lost” in my purse, but having gems on my phone makes it easier to find.  Even my kids started decorating the phones in our household.  My husband had to hide his so that we didn’t “pretty” it up for him!  Great time had by all!

Lisa- Arizona
Mom Squad Member

Great Little Beaded Jewelry Basket
May 25, 2007

These cute beaded jewelry baskets are wonderful for my rings and earrings.  I put a couple of them on the counter in the bathrooms of the house.  It is great so that when you wash your hands, you can place your rings in the basket and not lose them.  The guests that stay love them in their bathroom or guest bedroom also.  These baskets can be used for cotton balls, hair accessories or even safety pins.  The ideas are endless.  These make great gifts!

Cheryl- Arizona
Mom Squad Member

Ready, Set, Go!
May 24, 2007

This is such a great cosmetic bag!  I love using it for all of my travels!  It holds the essentials that I need for a couple of days and folds up nicely.  I like the way it hangs off of the door or shelf so that everything is accessible and easy to see.   I thought my daughter could even use one for all of her hair accessories.

Lynne- Arizona
Mom Squad Member

Viva La Salsa Bowl
May 23, 2007

It’s that time of year when we all want to get outside and enjoy the nice weather. This Mexican Bowl is perfect for all your get-togethers! Use it for Salsa, Guacamole or Dips. It has three legs to steady it when your guests are digging in! Nice and deep to hold a lot and it is beautiful! You can use it just for decoration in your kitchen too! I love it!  

Diana- Arizona
Mom Squad Member

Don’t Yank My Silver Chain!
May 22, 2007

Wow, just what I needed!  I love the look of this 16” silver chain.  It works perfectly with my turquoise charm that I picked up last weekend.  I can imagine what it would look like with other gemstones!  You could actually switch out the different colored gemstones to match your different outfits!  The clasp is easy to open and close.  I have problems with the other types of clasps, but the lobster claw is much easier to use.

Cheryl- Arizona
Mom Squad Member