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Melt In Your Mouth Mother’s Day Chocolates
April 30, 2007

Well, this 1 lb. box of assorted chocolates didn’t last long in this family!  We have almost finished the whole box in 2 days!  This beautifully wrapped Mother’s Day box of chocolates is the perfect way to show Mom that she is appreciated and loved!  I know I absolutely love chocolate!  It always brings a smile to my face!  We loved the mixture of different crèmes and nuts. 

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Great Gift Idea For Coffee Drinkers!
April 28, 2007

It took me all of 2 seconds to start laughing with this gift!  “Drink Coffee, Do Stupid Things Faster with More Energy” is how the dishtowel and potholder read.  It really made me think of how many “stupid” things I do in a day!  It actually makes me laugh when using the dishtowel, which is a good thing while doing kitchen duties…

The towel measures 18” x 31”, large for most dishtowels.  It is absorbent and not too thick so that it takes a long time to dry.  The towel is made of 100% cotton, so there was minor shrinkage after washing it.  It still looks good.

I think this would be a great gift for Mother’s Day, fun birthday or wedding shower.  This would make a great addition to a gift basket also. 

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Cute Flip Flop Necklace Is A Conversation Piece!
April 27, 2007

These flip flop necklaces are so cute!  When I wore my necklace a few of my friends wanted to know where I bought it.  I told them, of course!  This cute necklace is fun and reminds me of the summer that is right around the corner!  I especially like to wear it with my tank tops and real flip flops.  We can do that already here in Arizona!  Yes folks, we have hit the 90’s! 
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Burt’s Bees and Clown Foot!
April 26, 2007

When my review package, of Burt’s Bees Foot Care Kit, came in the mail I laughed out loud! Three weeks into dealing with 2 fractured toes I thought somebody was trying to tell me something. I could hardly wait to shower and give it a try. I used the pumice bar, applied the lotion and the socks, included in the kit, and hit the couch to get my foot up. When I went to bed my feet were noticeable softer and looked better, and I could still tell the next morning. I am going to use this everyday for a while… So, when it finally warms up in Kansas, my feet will be ready for flip-flops. (Even if I will only be able to wear one. They told me today another 6 weeks in the “clown” shoe!!)

Teresa – Kansas
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Dryglaze with ease!
April 25, 2007

I had never heard of these before!  “Dryglaze?”, I said.  “Sounds interesting!”  So I defrosted my ribs, washed them and slapped on some Santa Fe BBQ Urban Accents Dryglaze.  The grill was ready and away I went grillin’ and chillin” with a Margarita.  Ah, life is good!  My family and I loved the mixture of seasonings that the Dryglaze had to offer like honey BBQ, garlic, onion and a hint of chipotle.  All of the ribs had just the right balance of spices.  It was easy to prepare and even easier to eat!  We can’t wait to try the Caymen rub in a couple of days!  The Caymen Dryglaze promises to combine citrus sugar, chili flakes, cayenne, garlic, dill and salt.  It sounds great!

Sheri, Texas

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Pink Stone Necklace and Earring Set… Great “Crazy Mom Deal
April 24, 2007

I was so excited to be the “Mom Squad” member to get to review the first jewelery product on “Crazy Mom Deals”.  What a beautiful necklace and earrings set it is.  I really like the white stones that surround the pink stone in the middle of the pendents.  The matching earings make this a great “Crazy Mom Deal”.  I have seen this same set on cable shopping shows for double this price.  Be sure not to miss this “Crazy Mom Deal”.  This makes a great Mothers Day gift as well.  

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Brookside Chocolates Has A Great Deal!
April 23, 2007

I was so excited when I opened up my “Mom Squad” product to review and found a gift certificate for $15 worth of sweets from Brookside Chocolates. I immediately went to the internet to their website and put together my shopping list: Kookaburra Licorice (I highly recommend you get some. You’ll never eat another kind of licorice again), truffles and may be jelly belly’s for my daughter…I do love her but I think I need some more sweets for myself. I know that’s mean but how often do you spend money on GOOD chocolate for yourself. I’m not talking about something you get as you check out at the grocery store. That stuff is ok but Brookside offers good, no great chocolates and candy. I’ve had some of their chocolates before. I know I’ll be buying a gift certificate for my mother and for mother-in-law for Mother’s Day. That’s the perfect gift!!!! I know they both love sweets and they can buy what they like or even try something new.  I found everything on their website from Peak Truffles for me to white chocolate dipped dog bones for the dog. If chocolate doesn’t do it for you, they have licorice, various kinds of gummies, hard candies and even caramel apples. By the way, Grammies Caramel Apple Pie is to die for. Go ahead and buy a gift certificate for your mom and one for yourself. I’m sure you deserve it.  Julie-Arizona
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Be Happy! It’s the Be Happy Bag for Earth Day!
April 22, 2007

It is Earth Day and the Be Happy Bag is the perfect thing to have for this special day!  This reusable bag is a great for grocery shopping, carrying kids toys, overnighters or your school books.  It takes the place of the plastic grocery bags and never rips or breaks!  I use mine for road trips!  We like to put kids toys, games and snacks in it.  My kids also use it for their movies and DVD players.
I love the way it feels!   It is durable, lightweight and very roomy!  I like that it doesn’t fade when it is washed.    I wouldn’t dry it in the dryer, I recommend hang drying it!
We need to take care of this beautiful planet and this is the perfect way to participate!  The Be Happy Bag is just one way we can help our environment!

Cheryl- Arizona
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eehhhh I Love These Belts…..
April 21, 2007

OK Crazy Mom’s….. I must say these belts are a great deal.  I was so happy to see that “Crazy Mom Deals” sent me one of each color to do my review.  I immediately put it on over my t-shirt and jeans and thought the red one was very cute.  That afternoon I got several compliments when I went to pick-up my daughter from school.  The length of the belt was perfect and I was able to adjust it so it would sit above my waste line just right. 
At this “Crazy Mom Deal” price you can not afford to not purchase one of each color, this will make your decision of which one you think goes best with your outfit a whole lot easier.  My husband likes the red one better than the black one, he said “the red one is a little more sassier”. 
Be sure not to miss this “Crazy Mom Deal” they told me there is very limited quantities on hand…  Of course I told all my Girlfriends about todays deal…. I hope they don’t wear theirs on the same day I do…. Hmm maybe I should not have told them….

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Perfect Handbag for Mom!
April 20, 2007

This cute little handbag is a perfect mom accessory. It looks hip with jeans and a t-shirt, but the purple velvet and intricate beading make it elegant enough to go with evening gown. This tiny bag is great for little outings with the kids when you don’t want to keep up with a bulky purse (or diaper bag!), but need somewhere to stash your keys and a little snack money. I was able to fit my car keys, a roll of cash and my tiny cell phone inside, though the top didn’t quite close over the phone. The strap is long enough to wear around your neck and one shoulder so you can keep your hands free to corral little ones. With the cinch straps tightly closed, there’s no need to worry about losing change if you stop to do a few somersaults. This bag is also great for keeping important items handy inside a larger purse. No more digging under wipes and Teddy Grahams to find the car keys at the end of a play date! Unfortunately, I didn’t have an evening gown occasion to test out my new purse, but I remember long, long ago at my last elegant outing wishing that I had a bag like this. The loops on the cinch straps make it easy to carry the bag around your wrist when the longer strap is tucked inside. For times when you want your hands free, the long beaded strap is more like jewelry than a purse strap, adding a little sparkle to your look. I think I’ll have to call in a babysitter so I can go test it out! 

Melissa- Virginia
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